At the heart of the vineyards of Aÿ, Grand Cu village of Champagne, hide the treasure of the Waris-Hubert family: Thesä. This Ratafia imprisons a manufacturing secret imbued by its winemaker Olivier Waris, who is here master of the precious liqueur.

At the heart of Aÿ
hide the treasure...

Vines aged about ten years, the bunches are pressed ... The last 6 hectoliters of the cuvée are selected

They let the must settle in cold (1°C) during 24 hours. 48 hours later, an assembly of alcohol, fine and cuvée are made.

It will be imprisoned for 3 years in oak barrels before being revealed in broad daylight.

Olivier Waris, winemaker, is goldsmith and creates Thesä: the treasure of the Wari- Hubert family. A ratafia 100% Pinot Noir, to be tasted like a syrupy, with a foie gras or better: alone, as an aperitif.